Pin taper with thread 16 and 14G

Threaded pin taper, 14 and 16G diameter, one inch long, implant grade titanium material.


Pin taper piercing

Pin Taper is an essential accessory for new and old piercings. It has a pin on the side of the tool so you can put on or change jewellery in one quick and smooth movement. It measures 1 inch long and 0.041 in at its thickest point and 0.020 in at its thinnest point.

The threaded pin taper is designed to help insert piercings into the opening by widening the opening, lengthening the piercing bar and protecting the ear canal in the thread.

Pin taper Piercing with thread is used by inserting the bar first through the opening (narrowest part first) until a small part comes out of the opening. At this point you can place the piercing on the widest part of the bar and gradually pull it to the other side. Now you can attach the piercing with the accessory or ball of your choice.

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14g, 16g


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