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Are you looking for a piercing studio in Tenerife?

From Massai Body Piercing, we recommend you to look for a piercing studio or store in Tenerife that has Titanium Jewelry under the ASTM F136 standard.

As professional jewelry distributors we know first hand which are the best piercing piercers in Tenerife.

Piercing Shop in Tenerife

Massai Body piercing was born to improve the market and offer quality titanium jewelry so that customers, studios, stores and piercers can offer quality piercings and you can be on the cutting edge.

We are distributors of jewelry in Tenerife, and we encourage you to know our catalog so you can find the ideal piercing for you.

Start to stand out from the crowd, dare to stand out and don’t regret it!

Surely you will find a multitude of piercing stores in Tenerife that have our jewelry. But if you know any studio or piercer in Tenerife and they don’t have the Massai Body Piercing jewelry you want, don’t hesitate to send them our page so they can place an order.

We know how important it is to use quality jewelry so we recommend all piercing studios in Tenerife to use only the best for their clients.

A quality and original jewel that will make you stand out from the crowd.

At Massai, we use titanium jewelry, large implant under the name ASTM F136, biocompatible with the body so that it does not generate any allergy or irritation.

Do not hesitate, find your piercing store in Tenerife.

Piercing Specialist in Tenerife

Our years of experience, as well as a hard-earned reputation, have placed us in the first position among the best piercing stores in Tenerife.

We are proud to be home to our world-class piercing specialists who are considered by our customers to be among the best suppliers of titanium jewelry.

We offer a wide range of body piercing jewelry, including navel, nose, ear, eyebrow, septum, helix, tragus, nipple, septum, microdermals, male genital piercings and just about anything else – you name it.

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Piercing studios in Tenerife

If you have come this far, it is because you are looking for the best piercing studio in Tenerife.

In Massai Body Piercing we do not perform piercings but we have great professionals among our customers, so we can recommend a piercing studio Madrid, ideal for you.

Professionals specialized in facial, ear, body and genital piercings. High quality piercings with safe and sterile piercing procedures.

Which studio do we recommend in Tenerife?

13 Tattoo Supplies

13 Tattoo Supplies, with over 20 years providing our services and treating our customers with the utmost professionalism and quality. From our store we try to provide studios with the jewelry that they need and that best suits them, going beyond aesthetics and superficiality.

Contact information:

Avenida San Sebastián, n° 71, 38005, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
Contact us at 922 20 69 58.

Types of Piercing in Tenerife

Earlobe: The lobe is the soft, rounded, fleshy part of the lower part of the ear. The lobe allows for multiple piercing combinations for a unique and playful look.

Conch: The conch piercing passes through the shell-shaped structure of the outer ear, called the concha. Shell piercings can be a lot of fun and highly customizable.

Helix: Subtle and elegant, the Helix piercing is placed on the outer edge of the ear extending from the end of the lobe to the front Helix.

Plane: The Plane is located in the flat space of the cartilage below the Helix and the cartilage flap where the Rook is located. Flat piercings provide a large area for the placement of a single piercing.

Forward Helix: The Forward Helix piercing is placed next to the Helix at the front of the ear and connects the ear to the head.

Tragus: The Tragus piercing passes through the small cartilage nodule that connects to the face in front of the ear canal.


– Always wash your hands before touching the piercing.

– Clean your piercing at least twice a day until fully healed with a sterile saline spray and clean cotton swabs.

– Avoid immersing the piercing in water for 4 weeks to avoid irritation.

– Do not remove or change the piercing until it has healed, usually up to three months for earlobes and up to 6 months for cartilage piercings.

– Seek medical attention in case of suspected infection; note that a pale, odorless discharge may be common.

Quality Piercing Tenerife

Did you know that there are compelling reasons to choose Implant Grade Titanium piercing for your piercings?

The use of these types of materials are not only recommended, but are proven to be safer, thus helping the healing of your perforation. We explain the reasons:

  • The ASTM-F136 implant grade titanium material is biocompatible with the body, which means that it is the material used in surgical procedures and, being biocompatible, it does not release corrosive material into the body.
  • Does not contain nickel.
  • It heals 3 times faster than 316L surgical steel.
  • Implant grade titanium is required by the Association of Professional Piercers.
  • Demand internal thread for your piercing, this type of thread is much more hygienic and safe because at the time of piercing a tool called pin taper is used as a guide and gets a perfect connection with the stem preventing the thread in contact with the skin and helping the healing and healing of the wound.

It is important that you always choose piercers in constant training to be updated on the latest techniques and studies in the world of piercing, that will guarantee you the total security that you can enjoy your new piercing.

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Frequently asked questions Piercing Tenerife

YES. most studios will ask you to make an appointment to guarantee same-day service.

They need to allocate time for piercings, jewelry placement and piercing/jewelry consultations.

This will allow you to discuss jewelry, piercing placement or general information so that you can spend the appropriate amount of time each client needs.

Valid identification is required at the time of drilling for everyone, regardless of age.

A passport, driver’s license or ID card is accepted as valid identification.

You should never touch your new piercing, many times it is believed that you have to move your piercing, so that it does not stick to the skin.

But the only thing you will achieve is to pull off the scab that is protecting the wound and delay the healing process.

When piercing your ear, you should not sleep on your piercing as you may tilt your piercing and leave it crooked.

In addition to putting pressure on it, it will slow its healing with the risk of producing a granuloma.

The American needle has the right edge, like a scalpel, to make a wound as clean as possible, since it works with sterilized needles.

You can do a straight piercing, it has a fast healing process and its risk of infection is very low if proper care is followed.

It is a lump that is usually soft and reddish in color, visible towards the outside.

It can be located around or on the side of your perforation.

Wearing quality jewelry with a good treatment and following the advice of your piercer can make it disappear.

Before piercing, your piercer will mark the area where the needle will be inserted.

This mark should be made with gentian violet and a sterilized wooden stick, which is discarded after use.

Why should a marker not be used?

Using a marker or pencil on everyone is unhygienic, as a piercer can pierce the face, nose, mouth, ears and genitals.

Make sure with a professional that they comply with hygiene requirements and that their implements are always sterilized, including jewelry.

This term is used by piercers to refer to the decrease in the size of the jewel.

A slightly longer jewel is placed to give space to the initial inflammation so that it does not remain tight and there is less risk of granuloma formation.

This change avoids part movement, snagging or pulling.

It is the electrochemical process by which oxide layers are formed on the surface of the jewelry.

It is beneficial for the piece because it provides a smoother and polished surface.

Besides, this oxide layer is not harmful to our organism, as PVD baths or painted jewelry can be.

All the jewelry we work with can be anodized since it is made of titanium.

Basically, this means that the material is suitable for implantation in the body, i.e. it is biocompatible. It is the same type of material that a doctor or surgeon would use for a metal fitting if you had a broken bone, for example.

We do not recommend piercing to anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. This is due to the risk of infection during healing, which can cause harm to the baby.

During lactation, in 4 weeks your milk. It is rich in proteins, sugars, vitamins and minerals, as well as numerous bioactive components – such as hormones, growth factors, enzymes and living cells – that support your baby’s healthy growth and development.

Any risk of infection can be transmitted to the baby through the milk.

Internally threaded body jewelry has a threaded hole on the inside of the bar and an external thread protruding from the ball. Externally threaded body jewelry has the thread on the end of the bar and is placed inside a threaded hole in the ball. This means that when the jewelry is passed through the piercing, the thread also passes through it, and then the ball is threaded into place. The insertion of an internally threaded jewelry in a new piercing is much more comfortable due to the smooth surface compared to the ridged surface of externally threaded pieces. In addition, having an internally threaded jewel for the initial drilling accelerates the healing process.

As much as we love to swim, take a relaxing bubble bath and enjoy a nice vacation at the beach, it is best to avoid these things when healing a piercing. In any type of water, whether it is a bathtub, a swimming pool, a lake or the sea, there can be impurities, chemicals and bacteria in the water that can cause irritation and possible infection.

We recommend that you shower rather than bathe and keep the piercing as dry as possible. If swimming is unavoidable, waterproof bandages can be used to keep water out of your piercings; please try not to put too much pressure directly on the piercing, but make sure the edges of the bandage are completely sealed.

Different piercings and different people heal differently. On average, any type of piercing will take at least a few months to heal, and others will take longer. .

Remember that a healthy body and lifestyle are the key to fast and successful healing.

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