ASTM F -136 Titanium implant grade.

Measurements 6 mm in height

2 mm pellet

Gauge 18G (1mm) and 20G (0.8mm)


Piercing nostril

The most common nose piercing is the nostril piercing. It is a perforation made in one of the nostril flaps. Among its meanings, one of the best known is that of the Hindu religion where a nose ring is worn as a symbol of faith in the goddess of marriage.

It can be done on either the right or left side, depending on your taste or where you feel it looks best. They are available in 18G and 20G, and in 6 mm length.

Each piece is made of the highest quality titanium. Titanium is a light metal with excellent strength, three times more than steel, but it is much lighter. It does not cause irritation, allergies or discoloration of the skin, as it is a hypoallergenic material and has a minimal level of rejection: if the customer suffers from irritation when wearing jewelry, titanium may be the right solution. Titanium is used in jewelry because it does not break or bend (unless it is very thin).

Another positive aspect: it is not damaged by seawater or chlorine from the swimming pool. Therefore, it is no coincidence that professional banders recommend it and use it as the main material for their piercings and when piercing.

Specifications nostril piercing

Material: Titanium ASTM F -136

Length 6 mm

Bead 2 mm

Gauge 20 G

Nostril piercing information

It is a perfect body modification for those who are taking their first steps in this fantastic world and, for this reason, it has earned a special place on our website.

Among the least painful The nostril is one of the areas of our body with the fewest nerve endings. This means that the drilling operation can be tackled without too many worries. In fact, the hole is drilled with a needle, in an operation that is quick and painless.

If you’re considering which piercing to choose as your first step into the colourful world of body modification, this could be the perfect starting point for you.

Possible complications of nostril

Possible complications of nostrilBesides the initial swelling, which in any case disappears within the first 10 days, there are no typical problems associated with this specific piercing. Although we are talking about a non-problematic area of our body, it is recommended to choose the right materials for the jewellery: no nickel and a preference for surgical titanium and other inert metals.

Parental consent is still required
In the case of minors, written authorisation is still required from both parents, who assume responsibility for what is to be done. Professional piercers are unlikely to agree to piercing without this authorisation.


Additional information


18g, 20g


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